20 mi. - Mack's Big Rock - Trails EndClick to Enlarge

16 mi. - Deep Ford to Trails EndClick to Enlarge

16 mi. - Mack's Big Rock - Ginger Blue

* Rafts Only *   12 mi, - Kozy Kamp - Trails End

12 mi. - Deep Ford - Ginger Blue

* Rafts Only *   8 mi. - Kozy Kamp - Ginger Blue

8 mi. - Mack's Big Rock - Kozy Kamp

4 mi. - Deep Ford - Kozy Kamp

* Rafts Only *   4 mi. - Ginger Blue - Trails End

Driving Directions between Kozy Kamp and Ginger Blue.

If you have trouble finding us with GPS use these coordinates, 36.589472-94.389637 for Kozy Kamp or 36.590243-94.457019 for Ginger Blue

Driving Directions...

From Highway 71 North take the Pineville exit to the right.   Pass over the Elk River Bridge and turn left at the stop light. You will see Kozy Kamp in front of you!

From Highway 71 South, take the Pineville, Lanagan exit.  Left at stop sign, Right at next stop sign.   Down the hill to the traffic light.   Turn right into Kozy Kamp!

Mapquesting will get  you to Kozy Kamp, but it takes you the backway on dirt roads!!  Don't use Mapquest!  View our map here.

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